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The ‘Fraters van Zwijsen’
The congregation of the “Fraters van Zwijsen” came to Curacao in 1886 to set up primary education. For this purpose, they built a school in Punda (Willemstad) and named it ‘St. Albertus College’.
In 1932, close to the Cathedral of Pietermaai and next to the school,  the congregation built the Monastery  ‘Klooster St. Albertus’. The  “Fraters van Zwijsen”  stayed on Curacao until 1987. They left Curaçao, to focus on several countries in Africa and Asia to set up educational systems.

Book store St. Augustinus
The Monastery was used for many purposes after the congregation had left. In the first 10 years after 1985, a printing company and a book store were located in the building. Since 1995 the building had unfortunately been left empty. Until 2006, the characteristic building, which in the meantime had been designated as an official monument,  deteriorated rapidly and became uninhabitable.

In 2007 , the Monastery was bought by a Foundation, that asked local architect Lyongo Juliana to develop a plan for a full restoration of the building and a transition from a Monastery into a modern city hotel for short and long stays.

The restoration was made possible thanks to a considerable grant from the “Monumentenfonds” on Curaçao. Under supervision of this funding organization and in consultation with the architect, it was possible to restore or reconstruct many characteristic details.

At the restoration the greatest possible use has been made of (amongst others) contractors and subcontractors on Curaçao. These parties, under the leadership of a construction management, have proven themselves with a tremendous achievement!

Boutique Hotel ‘t Klooster
In this fruitful cooperation a city hotel that meets modern demands was established, with full respect for the monument, assuring the future conservation of the building.

In April 2009, the tastefully restored Monastery could be opened as a city hotel with a Grand Café, under the name “Hotel ’t Klooster”.